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Bakery Discussion Forum Rules

Welcome to the SRBA Bakery Discussion Forum.  One of the best assets of the SRBA is connecting bakeries and suppliers to other bakeries and suppliers, just as we do at our Workshops and Conventions.  Now you can ask questions and help others at any time – day or night!

As with any forum, rules are established to make sure that everyone is on the same “playing field”.  Please read the following before posting or answering a post.  Thank you.

  • Be Positive, Professional and Polite. Use your good judgment, professional language and treat the forum like a face-to-face meeting; if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online.  This association consists of businesses who employ 2 to 200 people.  Please be respectful of everyone’s business, baking and decorating skills and levels.

  • When you respond to a question, please make sure your post is on-topic, helpful and has not already been said somewhere in that post. Do not “derail” a conversation by changing the initial topic and taking it in a different direction. Just start a new discussion in a separate post.

  • Please search the discussion forum before you ask a general question. Your question may have already been answered thoroughly in a previous conversation.  If not, ask away and include enough detail so others can help you.

  • No degrading or bashing other Bakeries or Suppliers. If you have a problem with anyone, take care of it directly with them.  Anyone violating this rule will be banned from this Members Only SRBA website immediately.

Start Posting!  This Bakery Discussion Forum will be a great way for you to learn, solve problems and share your knowledge.  Welcome to the SRBA Bakery Discussion Forum.  We are happy that you are part of the SRBA.

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