About Us

Who We Are

The Southeastern Retail Bakers Association is a non-profit group formed in 1972 to promote sharing and education within the retail bakery industry and allied vendors.  Members of our organization are committed to our motto - "Bakers working for Progress and Profit".  SRBA also welcomes membership from other food businesses that include a bakery line such as cafes, delis, restaurants, caterers, food trucks and wholesalers.  In addition, we partner with culinary schools and their resources to assist in educating the next generations of bakery professionals.

 Our Retail members are primarily in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee but we also have members in Michigan, Louisiana and Virginia.  We are happy to include qualified members from any state. Our Allied members cover many aspects of the Baking Industry including the products they produce and the services they provide.  

We know that by sharing information, we all become better business people. We gather at workshops several times a year to learn more in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the interruptions of daily business. Our SRBA Workshops & Vendor Expos rotate throughout the Southeast and may be held at member bakeries, hotel facilities, culinary schools or a combination.  Fellow professionals and vendors demonstrate trends and techniques in baking and decorating, valuable business information, information on merchandising/marketing, social media and IT advice.   It is also an opportunity to meet with Allied members of the baking industry, whether in class as a subject matter expert or at a vendor booth with their latest products.  Conventions are a 2 to 3 day event with a packed schedule of vendor show, classes, demos, baked foods competition, fun events and highlighted by an area Bakery Bus Tour and the always popular "Owner's Only Meeting" for only bakery owners and behind closed doors.  

Talking with those who "walk the same walk" as you do everyday is one of the most valuable aspects of SRBA Membership whether you are a Retail or Vendor Member.  From those SRBA Members who have participated in events, they will agree that this statement is completely true - "Come prepared to take home one, just one, moneymaking idea and it will not only pay for your expenses to attend but will yield dividends in sales for years to come".  In addition, being a member gives you access to resources and formulas on the SRBA Members Only website.

You are invited to be a part of the Southeastern Retail Bakers Association where we work together to offer inspiration, education, innovation and support for those in the professional bakery industry and related businesses.

SRBA By-laws require that all Retail Members must be state and local licensed, have FEIN, state tax ID, liability insured, pays workman's compensation (if applicable), government inspected (health or agriculture state departments) and has retail storefront and/or wholesale/catering licensed location (no home or residential area).  Proof of the above will be required for new members or non-members attending events.  The SRBA Office will contact you for this information.