June 2014 Chattanooga Workshop - Southeastern Retail Bakers Association

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June 2014 Chattanooga Workshop

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Here's what you missed at our June 2014 Workshop in Chattanooga

Jackie Colgate, General Mills-Pillsbury –

Leveraging Social Media

With 500 million people using Facebook and 250 million people using Twitter these are two sites that cannot be ignored! In this digital and social media world that we are living in, leveraging the social media will help push your business to new heights and gain new and repeat customers. We will go over how to leverage the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and look at examples of companies that really have nailed their social media interactions!

Jennifer Atwood, Atwood’s Bakery, Alexandria, LA


The United Bakers Advocacy was founded to promote fair legislation and a level playing field for bakeries of all sizes and backgrounds. They believe that bakers should follow the same rules and be held accountable by the same standards, whether they bake out of a commercial bakery, licensed kitchen, or rented facility. Jennifer will talk about Cottage Laws and the impact they are having on the licensed retail baking industry.

Tobias Wilhelm, Captivate Minds LLC,
Alexandria, LA

Marketing Reboot – Why your old strategies stopped working and what to do about it

Marketing strategies, channel overview and media strategies for existing businesses
Marketing has changed from the top-driven approach with one voice and few channels to a wide array of channels, often dominated by peer-to-peer conversations. Existing businesses often see their customer base shrinking and their marketing message get lost in the noise. Learn how to break through the clutter and reevaluate what works and what does not.

Imre Volgyi, Chattanooga Chapter Chair for SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) and Nathan Bell, AT&T

Business Disaster Preparedness

When the next disaster strikes, how fast will you be back in busines?  Nathan will discuss current technology available for business owners to keep their records off site and readily available.  He'll also talk about what kind of maintenace you'll need to consider when using these tools.  

William McInnis, LeSaffre

Artisan Bread

What everyone’s customers enjoy about a true artisan bread is now available by using Lesaffre’s Rustic Bread Blend with a fermented wheat flour. This one-of-a-kind blend contains all the ingredients in 1 package, including the dry yeast, which is used with 25lbs of flour. With this blend, you can produce various type of products including Baguettes, Mexican Bolilo’s, Pecan Raisin bread, Whole Wheat bread and rolls. We’re going to show you a few at the Workshop along with tips to get it right.  Just use your imagination and watch your bread sales increase.

Michelle Alexander, Your Chef To Go, Newnan, GA

Buffet Design & Tablescapes, Dessert Displays, and Plated Desserts

Creating beautiful tablescapes with eye appeal is easier than you think.  Wow your guests with some new ideas on how to showcase food and learn optimal placement on a buffet.  Michelle will also demonstrate new ideas on dessert displays, a growing popular addition to showers, birthdays, and weddings. Need more ideas?  She’ll also show you how to get extra income from plated desserts and single serving desserts.

Federal Bake Shop, Hixson, TN
Second Bakery - TBD
Dawn Foods, Unger Co, and Honeymoon Paper

Fall Holiday Baking Demo:
From Ingredient to Display

SRBA Retail and Allied members will demonstrate a Holiday favorites from their bakeries.  We’ll have Allied members discussing ingredients, Retail Bakers demonstrating their product preparation, and Allied members showcasing attractive packaging options for the finished product.
Federal Bake Shop of Hixson, TN will present Apple Bars, Apple Danish Twist, and Chocolate Fudge Nut Cups.

DRAWING FOR $100 VISA GIFT CARD - Winner - Jimmy Ainsworth, Federal Bake Shop

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